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Joy’s Wings

Joy’s wings of thee I sing

For gentle goes the night

Of things in flight who bring joy

Not sorrow

No arbiter

Am I

Whose sigh will fly but morrows?

Joy touch this heart

God will not part

For things in flight o’er the night

Know I

For joy’s wings of thee I sing.

as published in Dialogue With A Muse, ISBN 9781627723299

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A better way of thinking

A better way of thinking

Essence is an exhibition of faith ~ the stronger the faith, the purer is the essence.
Personality is an exhibition of character ~ function is how we operate between the two. There is no dualism with faith or psyche or pure thought … just reflecting here.

There are no levels to the mind and there is no such thing as “inner-work” ~ there is mind and it is whole. To consider the inner-workings of thought as spiritual is only so, as far as a person is tempered, formed.

To confuse spirituality with contemporary views on psyche ~ won’t give whole reasoning.

People can raise themselves to a higher level, a better way of thinking and there are ascending levels … and this is done by light.

All about Heaven…From my heart to yours ~ free for you to hear

All about Heaven in a second interview on BBS Radio, Affirmations for Living Show with Edwige Bingue.   Download and listen. From December 4, 2013.   Sweet peace everyone.

Enjoy :)

For those who are interested in listening to my recent radio interview go to this link CLICK on Program archives and it is the most recent one posted dated August 21 and you can download it to hear. Thanks much. Peace and gratitude. Best day to everyone 🙂

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening ~ this term is often used to describe a myriad of experiences from psychic onset of skills or enhancement of, heightening of social awareness, finding religion, discovering what the holy spirit means, realizing a higher self in terms of conscious, or being inspired even through greater awareness…it is these things and more and tantamount is that it is always personal and can only be defined by someone in a personal way.  

A spiritual awakening to me is a period of growth where I became aware of myself as spirit and therefore an enhanced understanding of what being spiritual means.  Some people find faith or rediscover it, and some find that with the knowledge of light their intuitive gifts increase ~ I did.  All of that happened for me during an intensive long period of meditating with prayer. I also had an experience of being lifted to Heaven that lasted three days, I am currently completing that book and include part of the period of enlightenment that followed that experience. 

Sweet Peace everyone.Image



A simple Prayer for People

I thank thee God for people of kind hearts for truly this is a nation of restarts from where firmer growth stems wondrous minds.  May people forever know the finest in God’s creation is light and never turn from His purpose.  May they ever know that being loving is to be in his service.  May they always know that wondrous mind in knowing comes from love and know this in their hearts.  For this I thank thee God for the love of people.  AmenImage


Light in Prayer ~ An Angel’s Trust

Light in Prayer ~ An Angel's Trust

When skies and earth ring fortitude is knowing the blessed reach of hands. L.L.

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