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My books explore human nature in the context of spirituality hoping to give awareness for different readers, more in the works…until hope that graces miles brings sigils over bells; lady, lady quite contrary how did my garden grow? With many books like blooms all lined up in a row.”

My first book~ Small Tales and Visits to Heaven

“The world of spirits, the mind as one. What holds the future for either? Human nature as a flower of gifts the same or differing. A look inside will bring discovering, moments of enlightenment, and a story to unfold mind’s eye and heart, at least in imagination. Take a peek reader and be aware. A unique style of writing with much to share.”

A mystic’s approach to life as inspired by.  Join her in the tales of a Spiritual Awakening in creative non-fiction or litereary fiction. Genre: Spirituality

ISBN 9781462656226

Available on 14 international sites.  Released: December  2011


Small Tales and Visits to Heaven 2

Do numbers of the day tell the plan at birth? They don’t. For Heaven seeks a song above. The land’s berth sowing seeds from winds blown across the earth spanning centuries. As each and every of us hold genetic patterns of pasts. Lives unfold to be altered, not sanctioned to repeat except in awareness…  For anyone who wants to know more about Heaven and real life tales of a Mystic’s work. Caeli continues as she works with enhanced intuition to solve mysteries of life and meets with Heavenly teachers. The drama from a past-life lived centuries ago carries over to the 21st century with elements of humour and drama unfolding, and very serious spiritual lessons.

ISBN 9781562686476

Also available internationally on 14 sites.  Released July 2012


Dialogue With A Muse, Poems

This poetry captures the essence of spiritual study and celebration of knowledge. There is a story throughout if you can find it. Lines within start, scribed from the heart, hear the song of a mystic in poetry. Finish within reason, the season to be joyful. The dialogue of the soul calls out to stillness where words soar, honoring the value of spirituality including Christian mysticism a rare study and genre. Ethereal guidance is in knowing the muse in each of us.

ISBN 9781627723299

Just released July 2013

More details on books:

  1. Congratulations.
    I still wonder what one has to do to get a book published!

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