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Greetings from one mystical persuasion to yours.  Brief chronicles from a 21st century mystic’s path to share with you here.  Not only notes on spiritualism, but those of the creative sort  with intuition ever meeting in the middle of one paradigm, the mind.

Why a Mystic’s perspective ?  Mystic’s are a spiritually substantial part of culture and as such a mark in the fabric of time.  As  society changes so do people, and so spiritualists are part of that reflection of change and changing reflection.   Therefore a newer perspective provides a greater avenue of thought for those who are not branched in mysticism or who are grounded predominantly in reason.

I bring to you my best in work and love of enlightenment ever after.  re Books

  1. BTW a very heartfelt thank you and another nomination back to you for both of the awards that say what it means to me. Thank you from my heart inside of yours! CK

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    Thanks Cyril

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