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Dialogue With A Muse, Poems

Dialogue With A Muse, Poems

I am proud to introduce my newest book release. A small collection of poems I have kept to my heart for a long time I can now share with you. Poetry previously excerpted on this site included within with many more.

ISBN 9781627723299

As this book has just been released it is currently available through, and and will be uploaded on other sites soon. Thank you.




What seed is this
How long did it nestle
No thistle of long

Of birthright He speaks
Of Thee she seeks
Knowledge once lost
Now given

Sages from the Heavens
Of gazes given
Splendor of Light
This song of long

That seed is this
With sages of the ages
Do honour Him and all
Long given.

Lisa Lachapelle, 2007


Mind’s View

Mind's View

I see you in my naked mind. Don’t you hurry past my life. Feet will free me now when lightly raised above the ground.


Notes on Small Tales and Visits to Heaven

Notes on Small Tales and Visits to Heaven

The 1st Small Tales and Visits to Heaven book describes a Spiritual Awakening where the main character experiences a heightening of psychic skills but is not sure who or what she is reading – it is meant to be told from a candid naive approach seen in the style of writing.

The 2nd novel bumps it up a notch or few, in terms of writing style ( as depicted accurately by life also) and the story gets into the next phase of her spiritual journey – learning about Heavenly teachers instead of spirit-guides, past-lives and path-work come together.

There are five books planned to this set so far.
They can be read individually or as a series.

The genre is Spirituality, written as Literary Fiction, where meaning is more important than plot, however there is a story. I cannot stress enough that the parts about Heaven are true and other parts of the story are inspired by real life. L.A.L.


Freedom in Dialogue, Love to You

Genetic Patterns

Genetic patterns knit the soul
That God weaves round His palm
To guide the parts making whole
Mid-stream song
Bringing matrilineal likeness to cells of autumn
While springtime forms paternal
Forgotten is the lapse of time
For summers berth
Winding both to lines
Now written of thy womb
Spring’s love in sun’s time
Breezes bloom
The dialogue with a muse

From Dialogue With A Muse, Poems being released soon, by L.A. Lachapelle


Decided to post my Awards today !

Decided to post my Awards today !

I have reached 112 Likes and 50 follows…a Good Day!


Inspiring Blog Award

Inspiring Blog Award

These Awards were given to me a while back for the Blog: What Is Passion… I did not post them then because at the time I did not know how to post them separately, just figured out how. Thanks to for the award and sharing it, as I too will… 🙂 Check out his blog, definitely a good read !

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