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June 6, 2013


Faith, the ultimate trust in the higher power of love, means trusting in our lives as precious and following a higher principle. People on this earth, are life’s manifestation of mind and coast like fleeting leaves or strive to mind’s manifestation of art. Faith as and is reality.

I don’t prefer the world Karma because of what it alludes to or can. Life lessons are a quality of living. People have turned the idea of karma into a “you get what you deserve” abstract, but that can be a fundamental attribution error. When actually it’s the opposite: we earn our way and deserve to. Life lessons are meant to be positive and not turned around. In terms of social consciousness the modern day perception of what karma is reverts to further concepts: that struggle is a life lesson…not so. Poverty of mind should never become an outlet. Do we glorify hardship? Glory comes from above.

A higher learning can apply to lessons of both life path and living. Don’t take lessons for granted or they might become your future. That they will manifest in occurrence or remembrance significant in this lifetime, not always. The greater purpose in this life is free will not as an alternate choice nor a decision in alternatives. We have complete control in determination of our choices in this life as presented to us regardless of past incarnations. To learn from the past is already having that awareness at birth, we are merely here to remember those past lessons. Past-lives are not predictors of outcomes in this one, though sometimes circumstance can surprisingly mirror. This principle is not only for spiritualist, we all have spirituality threaded through our lives in regard for our souls. If we are creating best action then we are good.

Don’t try and mix harmonies, nothing appeases the lower in conscious. Nothing tries harder than the middle in broaching awareness. Nowhere do they meet in conscience, that’s always a higher ground. Only above will the mind be free and harmonious, and only by Heaven will the lost be found.


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  1. Great blog. I just posted something about true wisdom, which comes from learning from what comes from Above.

    • I read your other blogs, very good…authentic and inspired. I particularly liked your including your vision and since you share some opinions of the relevance and value of Visions I would be happy to share with you the release date of my next book sometime over the summer that also speaks to the visionary experience and of Heaven. Thank you for liking my blog I really appreciate it and will follow along yours to read about the progress of your mission. Peace and blessings.

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