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A Mystic’s Drift in Societal Whoa’s …(a start)

May 15, 2013

A Mystic's Drift in Societal Whoa's ...(a start)

In regard to society (not the spirit-world however ahem, they can be one and the same but in this particular blog are not)…from a middle perspective (what’s left or right ?) around the world in various perspectives this is an essay style prerogative to be considered as a philosophically based viewpoint, never a criticism. An inspired preamble not to challenge nor support things I don’t understand, nor critique. Just some thoughts.

Water’s circling I continue my thinking, whoa…about relationships between men and women. Relationships as a human institution represent harmony in spirit. As a Mystic I begin with a better question – are relationships a social institution any more? (Who has time for one?) Does a relationship enhance individuality? For a Mystic and I use the term for purpose of explanation, my answer is in either regard, a loving bond could be the better choice spiritually, with God. To channel the greatest light…highest power. What’s better than this? Is spirituality then a relationship with God? Yes, it should be. Is that then a relationship? Yes, one that forgoes the physical aspects as a loving bond with not only the greatest but highest mind. Loving your own mind can first make possible a clearer path to that bond or person. As for the issue of celibacy – it’s not an issue, it’s a choice – mine. A better choice for a Mystic who is spiritual IN choice not by choice (choice as a beter “c” word). Am I in love with myself?…am not. Do I love myself? I do. Is that the best choice? You bet. Now you got it.



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  1. Functioning of the universe?…God through his higher powers placed for that purpose. Functioning of the earth?…God through man, and his higher intermediaries.

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