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Back to the Present…A Paradimes ;)

April 9, 2013

Paradimes.  ImageA pair of dimes…the coins, are sitting side by side on a park bench one day.  One dime says to the other, “look at that flower over yonder.”  The Flower then got up and went for a walk as impassioned to do so.  “How does a flower walk?” Dime spoke. It blows in the breeze, or is impassioned to do so,”  said the other.

The Flower breezing as she pleases meets a heart of gold.  Admiring it because he shines down his loving light upon her.  The Flower falls in love with this magnificent golden orb the sun, for its light greets here each day as if waiting for her to wake. To provide its loving call to impassion a bloom to far withstand nature within its own accord providing for it an earthly bed for winter’s berth.

One dime says to the other, “what’s love got to do with it?”  Says the other… “then why watch the flower?” … So they discuss love philosophically, defining it logically as sometime paradigms will.  Agape – being divine or unconditional love; Philia – meaning friendship or camaraderie, and Eros – as romantic love.  Passion is differing from emotion as it comes from outside ourself.  We don’t find it within like we’re led to believe but from a flow above us and through.  Through our will in higher mind it meets or achieves a union with that above.  To know this is to have faith.  Awareness in Agape love as defined in philosophy means passion as attainment of mind, a mind’s lesson if you will.  Agape in a flower’s existence is trust, a part of faith.  Faith as the flower, that it is aware in its existence that it will grow.

“A flower then has Faith?”  the Dime continues.  “Yes.  It is imbued in the trust of its own existence that it will receive light.  If it doesn’t have that trust it wouldn’t survive.”  “What if its overcast?” the other Dime says.  “The faith is still there that the light will shine again.”

Still within the context of love now Thought continues…if the heart is passion what is it’s inspiration for it to thrive?  Air…not mind.  Does it need inspiration? (the dimes coin together).  It needs air.  As does the Flower.

From the first book: Small Tales and Visits to Heaven  (not a series, a topically based Set).  (Forgive the editing…I did that myself. 2nd book has better editing)


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