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What is… Passion

April 7, 2013

Passion is usually considered the thread of romance, the “drive-thru” of love. Love always of course is the higher regard of mind, as is passion…but not always in the context of romance is it? What are feelings, are they emotive? Think not and you might be closer to passion which is of higher mind. By true definition “feelings” refer to sensory experience, touch.  I feel a touch as opposed to… if I’m upset, that being a feeling. When in reality feelings are not emotions, they are the baggage we attach to feelings, or at worst a pantomime of doubt. How do we know passion? That which comes from above us and flows through – which indeed equates to that powerful expression inspiration. Inspiration is a power unified with mind which streams concordant with expression.  I’m not referring to structure of thought processes here – higher mind refers to when we open ourselves not to emotion or only to loving expression, but love that comes through us from a higher power, and I don’t mean from another person. To be truly inspired we need first to love ourselves with dignity, and accept that our thoughts can reach and touch something beyond ourselves.  Love, passion, always streams through from what is above us, that untouchable free flowing venue of light. Recognizing this is the first step to being inspired. Only when our minds are free are we able to reach inspiration. It takes no skill to do this. What makes you happy, and remember that above all else. Will meditation, positive affirmations, prayer, help us this way?  For some people, yes, for others perhaps.  I know that only moments a day spent in introspection, contemplation on happiness, or better yet more moments a day set aside for Day-dreaming will by far reap the benefits of an inspired mind. Or keep a journal. Pour your thoughts on a page, any thoughts as long as they are well put and of happy persuasion can heal the mind and have you go through the drive-thru of inspiration…then feel the passion pour through likewise. What…you can’t write you say, that would be an exercise in awkwardness?  If you can read this you can do it…try it. Don’t  judge yourself, emotions will block you every time. Remember happiness.  What are words on a page, but pen to paper anyways?  What is the paper but mind flowing through. As I go through my day, my happy thoughts are on the mere touch of a breeze that does touch my soul. From my heart to yours have a beautiful day.





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  1. Energy is all dictated in the form of words that layer inside you to vibrate thoughts.. these thoughts can sometimes become actions and those actions sometimes can be fueled within the energy that we are.. This passion is the cleanest of passion for it is the truth of the energy and it’s impact as it has done so to us to stand within… We don’t need or want to use thought within this, we actually blend through from it.. Outstanding post.. It spoke the alien I am very familiar with.. Vibrational and inspirational! 🙂

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