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Future’s Ball or Orb

March 26, 2013

Future was on but who had the ball? Psychics, Spirit-Guides, ghosts, witches, or a train…who threw it first? Who was going to catch it? Pasts rode the waves, sink or swim.  Psychic awareness! Who would have guessed?  My, my…parallel leaks what would repeat and why by the by what soul would fly.  Beginnings brief now at ends again.  Threads in what was once written as cornerstones of sub-plots or possibilities?  Metaphors together with ideologies equal fairy tales but not this. … A person decides what’s worth knowing not a harbinger brought to sound.  How could Caeli write of myth with Heaven’s bouquets blooming?  This story includes an account of souls.  From Small Tales and Visits to Heaven 2.  Book 3 on the way, almost complete.


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