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What is a Mystic

March 22, 2013

A Mystic can be defined as a person who understands their world, their existence, through Prayer, introspection, intuition and a constant faith. For a Christian Mystic that faith would be in God.  One who is devoted to a path of spiritual work. A Pychic is one who applies their skills to doing Readings. A Medium could be defined as one who works with the dead, one who channels or harbors the waters of mind.  A Deliverer is one who brings spirits to light.  To help them reach the kingdom of God, to sound a different bell to Heaven and know the trumpet of that call.  The stories in these books are also about Delivering.

Scry to the ending if you will.  This is more than a story of will and desire – as one marches on one reaches higher.  Which one is which, you decide. Which of the tales conclude the story?  The tales like riddles’ work hold clues to the meaning of the story.

Meant to be a candidly written story about a psychic-awakening…a period of intuitive/perceptive skills enhancing. Based on real life.  Small Tales and Visits to Heaven 1.


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