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March 7, 2013

“E-clairs” refer to the psychic concepts of individually categorized gifts that begin with the word “clair,” and as this concept would indicate things that can be enjoyed, digested.  A spiritualist’s life desserts, like the name.

Clairvoyance is the gift of “seeing” in mind.  It could include dreams or visions depending on the Medium.  Clairaudience refers to the gift of “hearing” usually understood as thoughts, in a type of reading style.  Clairsentience refers to the gift of having empathic qualities by taking on the feelings of another person, having that sensory experience while in a psychic-reading mode.  Claircognizance is that “knowing” by instant, factualized information, or a “gut-feeling” that is accepted as it comes to mind.  All have to do with symbolic and/or subjective interpretation. There are many ways to practice these skills or enhance them.  Meditation and Prayer are the best ways to reach a higher union with the purpose of receiving such gifts.

Intuition can refer to any intuitive information that works for the individual whether it comes to them through their logic, their senses, instinct or even dreams, as long as the dreamer knows what to trust as to the truth of them.

Not all psychics work with spirits.  Not all spiritualists are psychic-readers or are interested in the spirit world.  Not all consider their Gift a part of a higher calling.  It is.

Excerpt from novel: Small Tales and Visits to Heaven by L.A. Lachapelle


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